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YouTube Comment Liker Bot

YouTube Comment Liker Bot – Download

Our YouTube Comment Liker Bot is unlike any of the crap bots you have seen out there.


Our bot is 100% working and chances are you came to our site from a “highly liked” comment promoting this site so you know that it works.
Unlike other YouTube Comment Liker Bots, our tool provides you with a supply of 1,000+ YouTube PVA (Phone Verified Account) with limited usage of 200 accounts at one time.  No more spending money on YouTube accounts or waiting for your Fiverr gigs to come in.



Limited copies available.  18youtube comment liker bot

After downloading, follow this guide to learn how to use our YouTube Comment Liker tool.


  1. Add Account:  This is where you select the 200 accounts that are available to use for liking YouTube comments.
  2. Add URL:  This is where you paste the video that you have commented on.
  3. Comment Poster:  The name of the user that has posted the comment you want to like.
  4. Login/comment Delay:  We recommend using 5-8 seconds.
  5. Start:  Once you have filled in all the prior steps just hit start and watch your comment gain likes and jump to the top!


Limited copies available. 18youtube comment liker bot

How to auto like comments on youtube

How To Auto Like YouTube Comments

We have all seen those YouTube comments that have over 100 likes.  Most Likely they have used our YouTube Comment Liker Bot to boost up the likes of their comment.

They way to like comments on YouTube is really no secret at all.  To like up comments on YouTube you have to own a bot (or program) designed by coders that automatically logs into various YouTube accounts and likes the comment of your choosing.